Handbook of Wise Interventions

How Social Psychology Can Help People Change

Edited by Gregory M. Walton and Alia J. Crum

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November 10, 2020
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Introduction, Gregory M. Walton & Alia J. Crum

I. Education

1. A Growth Mindset about Intelligence, Carol S. Dweck & David S. Yeager

2. The Social-Belonging Intervention, Gregory M. Walton & Shannon T. Brady

3. Self-Affirmation Interventions, David K. Sherman, Mohini Lokhande, Tim Müller, & Geoffrey L. Cohen

4. The Utility-Value Intervention, Chris S. Hulleman & Judith M. Harackiewicz

5. Difference Education: Improving Disadvantaged Students’ Academic Outcomes by Changing Their Theory of Difference, Nicole M. Stephens, MarYam G. Hamedani, & Sarah S. M. Townsend

6. The Pathways Intervention as a Model to Design Broader Systems of Equitable Student Support, Mesmin Destin & Ivan A. Hernandez

7. The Strategic Resource Use Intervention, Patricia Chen

II. Health and Well-Being

8. Happiness Interventions, Kristin Layous sample

9. The Stress-Mindset Intervention, Alia J. Crum, Isaac J. Handley-Miner, & Eric N. Smith

10. Stress Reappraisal Interventions: Improving Acute Stress Responses in Motivated Performance Contexts, Jeremy P. Jamieson & Emily J. Hangen

11. Values-Alignment Interventions: An Alternative to Pragmatic Appeals for Behavior Change, Christopher J. Bryan

12. The Taste-Focused-Labeling Intervention: Emphasizing the Tasty and Enjoyable Attributes of Healthy Foods, Bradley P. Turnwald & Alia J. Crum

III. Conflict and Relationships

13. The Incremental Theory of Personality Intervention, David S. Yeager & Hae Yeon Lee

14. The Empathic-Discipline Intervention, Jason Okonofua & Michael Ruiz

15. The Group-Malleability Intervention: Addressing Intergroup Conflicts by Changing Perceptions of Outgroup Malleability, Amit Goldenberg, James J. Gross, & Eran Halperin

16. The Couples Activity for Reappraising Emotions Intervention: A 7-Minute Marital Conflict Intervention Benefits Relational and Individual Well-Being, Erica B. Slotter & Laura B. Luchies

17. The Abstract Reframing Intervention: Helping Insecure Individuals Benefit from Romantic Partners’ Positive Feedback, Denise C. Marigold

IV. Sustainability

18. The Social Norms Approach: A Wise Intervention for Solving Social and Environmental Problems, Jessica M. Nolan, P. Wesley Schultz, Robert B. Cialdini, & Noah J. Goldstein

19. Dynamic Norm Interventions: How to Enable the Spread of Positive Change, Gregg Sparkman

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