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Order any of the below titles in psychology, education, and research methods for only $10 each. Book selection changes on June 1, 2024, and orders are limited to one copy per title.

Asperger Syndrome: Assessing and Treating High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders

James C. McPartland, Ami Klin, and Fred R. Volkmar
$69.00 $10.00

Biopsychosocial Assessment in Clinical Health Psychology

Frank Andrasik, Jeffrey L. Goodie, and Alan L. Peterson
$95.00 $10.00

College Drinking and Drug Use

Helene Raskin White and David L. Rabiner
$65.00 $10.00

Disorganized Attachment and Caregiving

Judith Solomon and Carol George
$69.00 $10.00

Handbook of Cognition and Emotion

Michael D. Robinson, Edward R. Watkins, and Eddie Harmon-Jones
$135.00 $10.00

High-Functioning Autism/Asperger Syndrome in Schools: Assessment and Intervention

Frank J. Sansosti, Kelly A. Powell-Smith, and Richard J. Cowan
$49.00 $10.00

Infants, Toddlers, and Families in Poverty: Research Implications for Early Child Care

Samuel L. Odom, Elizabeth P. Pungello, and Nicole Gardner-Neblett
$69.00 $10.00

Neuroplasticity and Rehabilitation

Sarah A. Raskin
$79.00 $10.00

Play Therapy Interventions to Enhance Resilience

David A. Crenshaw, Robert Brooks, and Sam Goldstein
$45.00 $10.00

Social Psychological Foundations of Clinical Psychology

James E. Maddux and June Price Tangney
$92.00 $10.00

Termination Challenges in Child Psychotherapy

Eliana Gil and David A. Crenshaw
$35.00 $10.00

Working with Children with Sexual Behavior Problems

Eliana Gil and Jennifer A. Shaw
$39.00 $10.00