About Us

Guilford PressA proudly independent press, Guilford produces science-based books, journals, and digital content that support individual and societal well-being. We partner with world-renowned clinicians, educators, and researchers to distill their expertise into needed resources for readers around the world. Over decades, we have championed life-changing mental health treatments like CBT, DBT, ACT, and EMDR, as well as transformative perspectives in literacy, research methods, and psychological science, and pioneering journals like AIDS Education and Prevention.

image of a stack of booksGuilford makes a difference—for professionals providing evidence-based care, professors and K-12 educators and their students, general readers seeking guidance they can count on, and authors who entrust us with their work. Our publishing program is grounded in our strong ethical compass and our commitment to excellence.

At Guilford, we are dedicated to maintaining relationships with field-leading authors and advancing the next generation of treatment developers, educational innovators, and scientists. Our independence allows our book and journal editors to take risks and seek out work based on what's needed—not just the bottom line. We are committed to innovation in what we publish and how we get essential knowledge to the world—and to the old-fashioned hard work of writing, editing, and partnership building.

Let's Work Together

Image of people holding a bookWe've told you about us; now what can we do for you?

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