Outside the U.S. and Canada?

Please visit our Ordering Outside the U.S. and Canada page. Note that our international distributors administer their own exam copy programs and may not follow our policies.

Want to consider a title for course adoption?

Guilford makes copies for course adoption consideration available to professors in the U.S. and Canada in two different ways; some titles are Free For Adoption Consideration (FFAC), while others fall under our 60-day exam policy.

To request an FFAC or exam copy, enter the ISBN (which you can find on the book’s product page):


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Free For Adoption Consideration

Selected titles are available free of charge to college and university professors considering course adoption. Your course must meet our criteria for content relevance. If you know the ISBN of the book you’d like to request, enter it above to request an FFAC copy. Or you can search our FFAC titles below and look for the FFAC link on the book’s product page.

Please note: Your request must be received from an academic email address. There is a limit of two titles per course. Guilford reserves the right to limit the number of free copies sent to each professor per academic year. All Guilford FFAC titles are available in print book format, and most are also available as e-books. FFAC e-book requests are processed by the next U.S. business day.

  • Usage rights for Guilford FFAC e-books:

    FFAC e-books are provided in ePDF format from ebooks.com, so they are paginated and formatted just like the printed book. These e-books come with certain restrictions (also known as DRM or Digital Rights Management) for the protection of copyrights. When you download an FFAC e-book from ebooks.com, you have the right to:

    • Download it on up to 3 devices
    • Copy/paste up to 2 pages of text per week
    • Print up to 30 pages per week

    For information on e-book system requirements and downloading, visit the ebooks.com "Digital Comps" Guide.

  • Guilford FFAC e-books are also available through the VitalSource Faculty Sampling Program.

  • 60-day Exam Policy

    If the book you are considering is not on the FFAC list, or if your course does not meet our criteria for a free copy, you may request a 60-day exam copy using the search box above. At this time, exam copies are available as print books only. The exam copy will be shipped to you with an invoice that will be canceled if: (a) within 60 days of receipt, you inform us that an adoption order for 10 or more copies has been placed by your university or bookstore, or (b) you email us the syllabus for your upcoming class that features the book as required reading, or (c) you return the book to Guilford via a trackable shipping method of your choice. We are unable to pay for return shipping. Please include the original invoice or packing slip, along with a written reason for return, and ship to the following address:

    • US Returns
    • Guilford Publications Returns
    • c/o Maple Logistics Solutions
    • 60 Grumbacher Road
    • I-83 Industrial Park
    • York, PA 17406
    • Canada Returns
    • Guilford Publications Returns
    • c/o Georgetown Terminal Warehouse
    • 34 Armstrong Avenue
    • Georgetown, ON L7G 4R9

    Already chosen to adopt a title?

    If you've chosen to adopt one of our titles for your course of 10 or more students, thank you. Guilford provides a complimentary (desk) copy when you adopt a text.

    • If you received an FFAC print copy, that text now becomes your desk copy.
    • If you received a print book under our 60-day exam policy, just contact customer service and we'll cancel your invoice.
    • If you are adopting a text that you downloaded as an FFAC e-book, contact us to request either a print or an unrestricted e-book desk copy.
    • If you did not receive an FFAC or exam copy, contact customer service with the following information:
      • Book title and ISBN
      • Your name, college/university affiliation, and mailing address
      • Your academic email address
      • Course name, number, and department
      • Semester offered
      • Number of students (minimum 10)
      • Course level (Graduate / Undergraduate)
      • Name of the bookstore that will be placing the adoption order
      • Whether you prefer a print book or e-book (if available) for your desk copy

    Ancillary Teaching Materials

    Several Guilford texts include access to an Instructor's Manual and/or Test Bank prepared by the author. Many other Guilford titles have companion websites with ancillary materials that may be useful in teaching and/or clinical practice, such as datasets, slides, reproducible handouts and forms, study guides, and audiovisual resources. The description of each book on its product page includes information about any supplementary materials available for the title.

    How do I request permission for a coursepack?

    All requests for print or electronic course material must be submitted through the Copyright Clearance Center. Many kinds of permissions can be cleared in real time right on their website. For questions, you may visit our Permissions page, but please note, obtaining your permission directly from us rather than via the CCC will take considerably longer.

    For other permissions questions, visit our Permissions page.

    Contact a Customer Service Representative

    For text recommendations for your courses, email textbooks@guilford.com. For assistance with any FFAC, exam, or desk requests, please email info@guilford.com. We'll be happy to help you.

    Note: Free and exam copy requests must come from an academic email address. There is a limit of two titles per course. Guilford reserves the right to limit the number of exam copies and/or free copies sent to each professor per academic year.