It is our privilege to work with authors and editors who are leaders in mental health, education, geography, and the social and behavioral sciences. As the cornerstone of our business, you provide an invaluable service to us. We in turn are committed to providing high-quality service to you.

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Finally, to contact one of our Acquisition Editors, see the list below:

Seymour Weingarten
Editor: Personality and Social Psychology
(212) 431-9800 ext. 213

Jody Falco
Managing Editor: Periodicals
(212) 431-9800 ext. 246

Natalie Graham
Editor: School Psychology, Literacy
(212) 431-9800 ext. 828

C. Deborah Laughton
Publisher: Research Methods & Statistics
Senior Editor: Geography, Developmental Psychology
(949) 494-9799

Jason Matloff
Editor: General Trade Books
(212) 431-9800 ext. 206

Kitty Moore
Publisher: General Trade Books
Senior Editor: Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychiatry
(212) 431-9800 ext. 835

Jim Nageotte
Senior Editor: Adult Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, Social Work
(212) 431-9800 ext. 837

Rochelle Serwator
Senior Editor: Neuropsychology/Neuroscience, Special Education, Developmental Disabilities, Art and Play Therapy
(212) 431-9800 ext. 241

Craig Thomas
Senior Editor: Literacy, School Psychology
(212) 431-9800 ext. 839

If you aren't sure which editor to contact, please submit your query to, and it will be directed to the appropriate editor.