The Juvenile Sex Offender

Second Edition

Edited by Howard E. Barbaree and William L. Marshall

June 19, 2008
ISBN 9781593859787
Price: $49.00
396 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 2006
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“As an introduction to developing our responses to younger sex offenders, this book is a worthy addition to the literature.”

British Journal of Forensic Practice

“Drs. Barbaree and Marshall have amassed a panel of knowledgeable contributors who define what we do and do not know about juvenile sex offenders, the risk factors for their offending, and the triggers and concomitant problems of their offending. The chapters are written in such a comprehensive and understandable manner that each is invaluable as a freestanding resource for time-pressed practitioners with questions in a specific area, without the need of reading the entire book to grasp the concepts....What is particularly useful is the frequent integration of information about the adult sexual offending of juvenile sexual offenders, which provides a long-term perspective that is useful not only for developmental understanding and long-term risk assessment, but also for developing mitigation themes for sex offender evaluations....This book is recommended for child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychologists, forensic psychiatrists and psychologists, social workers, and other mental health and legal professionals working in clinical practice and juvenile justice with these youth.”

Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

“Helps to tease myth from fact, and delineates ways in which adolescent sexual offenders are different from their adult counterparts....Provides a good overview of what is known about the etiology, evaluation, and treatment of the juvenile sex offender.”

Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

“This excellent, up-to-date second edition shows how far our understanding of the juvenile sex offender has progressed. The editors have brought together the leaders in the field to review the broad knowledge base on this topic, including a number of empirically based studies. Mental health and criminal justice professionals reading this text will greatly improve their understanding of the juvenile sex offender. It will be an excellent textbook for graduate students in a range of fields, since it provides such a comprehensive overview of the field, using a scientific approach.”

—Gene G. Abel, MD, Behavioral Medicine Institute of Atlanta

“Why do young people commit sexual crimes? What can we do about it? If you are seriously interested in these questions, read this book. I was encouraged to observe that the loose speculation that has long dominated thinking about adolescent sex offenders is increasingly being replaced by empirically supported arguments. The contributors are smart, disciplined, and compassionate. I learned a lot.”

—R. Karl Hanson, PhD, Corrections Research, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada

“This second edition is a welcome and much needed contribution. The book comprehensively addresses the many recent advances in knowledge about the development and causation of juvenile sexual offending, as well as current approaches to risk assessment and treatment. It is invaluable for anyone who works with this population within the criminal justice system or the civil commitment system.”

—Greg S. Bal, JD, defense attorney

“A distinguished contribution to the literature on juvenile sexual offenders, edited by two eminent scholars. This second edition will be an indispensable resource for professionals working in this field.”

—Robert Prentky, PhD, Justice Resource Institute, Boston, MA