The Juvenile Sex Offender

Second Edition

Edited by Howard E. Barbaree and William L. Marshall

June 19, 2008
ISBN 9781593859787
Price: $49.00
396 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 2006
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1. An Introduction to the Juvenile Sex Offender: Terms, Concepts and Definitions, Howard E. Barbaree and William L. Marshall

2. Normal Sexual Development, John Bancroft

3. The Effects of Child Sexual Abuse and Family Environment, Howard E. Barbaree and Calvin M. Langton

4. Biological Factors in the Development of Sexual Deviance and Aggression in Males, Ray Blanchard, James M. Cantor, and Lori K. Robichaud

5. Social and Psychological Factors in the Development of Delinquency and Sexual Deviance, Stephen W. Smallbone

6. Adolescent Sexual Aggression within Heterosexual Relationships, Jacquelyn W. White, Kelly M. Kadlec, and Stacy Sechrist

7. The Female Juvenile Sex Offender, John A. Hunter, Judith V. Becker, and Lenard J. Lexier

8. Conduct Problems and Juvenile Sexual Offending, Michael C. Seto and Martin L. Lalumière

9. Assessment and Treatment of Criminogenic Needs, Gary O'Reilly and Alan Carr

10. Risk of Sexual Recidivism in Adolescents Who Offend Sexually: Correlates and Assessment, James R. Worling and Niklas Långström

11. Conceptual Issues in Treatment Evaluation Research with Juvenile Sexual Offenders, Calvin M. Langton and Howard E. Barbaree

12. Legal Consequences to Juvenile Sex Offending in the United States, Elizabeth J. Letourneau

13. Research on Adolescent Sexual Abuser Treatment Programs, David L. Burton, Joanne Smith-Darden, and Sarah Jane Frankel

14. A Reevaluation of Relapse Prevention with Adolescents Who Sexually Offend: A Good Lives Model, Jo Thakker, Tony Ward, and Patrick Tidmarsh

15. Disposition and Treatment of Juvenile Sex Offenders from the Perspective of Restorative Justice, Mary P. Koss, Karen Bachar, and C. Quince Hopkins

16. The Pharmacological Treatment of the Juvenile Sex Offender, John M. W. Bradford and Paul Fedoroff