Persuasive Communication

Third Edition

James B. Stiff and Paul A. Mongeau

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August 22, 2016
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July 25, 2016
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I. Fundamental Issues in Persuasion Research

1. Concepts, Definitions, and Basic Distinctions

2. Methods of Investigating Persuasive Communication

3. Examining the Attitude–Behavior Relationship

4. The Effects of Behavior on Attitudes

5. Cognitive Response Models of Persuasion

II. Components of Persuasive Transactions

6. Source Characteristics in Persuasive Communication

7. Persuasive Message Characteristics: Rational Appeals

8. Persuasive Message Characteristics: Emotional Appeals

9. Receiver Characteristics

10. Characteristics of Persuasive Settings sample

III. Persuasion Models

11. Models of Interpersonal Compliance

12. Producing and Resisting Influence Messages

13. Persuasive Communication Campaigns