Finding Your Way to Change

How the Power of Motivational Interviewing Can Reveal What You Want and Help You Get There

Allan Zuckoff
With Bonnie Gorscak
Foreword by William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick

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May 13, 2015
ISBN 9781609180645
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May 14, 2015
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May 14, 2015
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“One of the most empathetic books on the subject of altering behaviors. The authors allow for failures and offer alternatives. Recommended.”

Library Journal

“This brilliant book guides you through a journey of discovery in that most intimate and difficult relationship—the one with yourself. Stories of others who have made the trek illustrate the challenges of being stuck in a problem that seems intractable, the way through the mire, and the joy of emerging on the other side. The book offers not only the promise of change, but also the ability to sustain it.”

—David B. Rosengren, PhD, Prevention Research Institute

“Changing our behaviors is a journey with lots of twists and turns. Including compassionate stories of people facing different challenges and problems, this book guides you to deal with ambivalence, find confidence, overcome false starts, handle well-meaning advice and nagging, and make personally meaningful decisions and plans. It provides great tools for achieving and sustaining changes in your life.”

—Carlo C. DiClemente, PhD, ABPP, coauthor ofChanging for Good

“If you've ever said to yourself, 'I really want to change, but I just can't seem to do it,' you need to read this excellent book. Dr. Zuckoff knows that there are powerful forces within us that can sabotage our good intentions and best-laid plans. He gives you practical, scientifically grounded tools to help you understand why you're spinning your wheels and how to productively work through it.”

—Henny Westra, PhD, CPsych, Department of Psychology, York University, Canada

“A friend suggested that I read this book when she learned I was considering a career change. It provided me with a useful toolkit for considering what I want to do next, based on my own deep-seated interests and visions of my professional life. The concepts and techniques are easy to grasp. Previously, I tried to make difficult decisions by listing the pros and cons—this book offers a more sophisticated and thoughtful approach.”

—John F.

“A lucid roadmap for those struggling to make changes in their lives, this book uses a scientifically proven approach to help you move forward from feeling stuck to creating a plan of action. Written exercises encourage reflection and self-discovery and help you explore your ambivalence, goals, and dilemmas. Superb examples of five easy-to-relate-to people making important changes accompany you through the process.”

—Holly A. Swartz, MD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

“This book is a compassionate companion that helps you draw on your strengths and proceed at your own pace to unlock your capacity for change. It provides a nonjudgmental, step-by-step approach that can lead you to take brave new actions that fulfill your needs.”

—Nancy K. Grote, PhD, School of Social Work, University of Washington

“Plenty of self-help books offer great ideas about how to make changes, but most are missing the most obvious and important ingredient—intrinsic motivation. Decades of research have proven that if we are not internally motivated to change, all the help in the world won't make a difference. Dr. Zuckoff provides the missing link in the world of personal growth. This book is a gem.”

—Joel Porter, PsyD, Clinical Director, Lives Lived Well, Brisbane, Australia; member, Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)

“I am thrilled that MI is now readily accessible to all in a practical, step-by-step format. The book reminds us that the most powerful force for change resides within each of us, and uses thought-provoking exercises to unleash this power. For anyone facing a difficult decision or need for personal change, this book offers a way forward.”

—Sandy Downey, MS, LPC, psychotherapist, Harrisonburg, Virginia

“This book is designed to help you get unstuck from ambivalence and move ahead with positive changes you might choose to make in your life….The authors do not dispense quick tricks or promise to give you something that you lack. Rather they help you find that which you already have within you and draw out your own motivations for and wisdom about change. Change in the face of ambivalence is a very common human predicament. We applaud the authors for translating the science and practice of MI into a useful skills-based book for anyone who wants to find his or her way to change.”

—from the Foreword by William R. Miller, PhD, and Stephen Rollnick, PhD

“The method in this book can fuel the fire of change and help you move from despair to positive action. The exercises are wonderful. The book helped me think differently about a dilemma in my own life, and I found myself reading parts of it to a friend who came to me for advice.”

—Theresa B. Moyers, PhD, Department of Psychology and Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions, University of New Mexico