Family-School Success for Children with ADHD

A Guide for Intervention

Thomas J. Power, Jennifer A. Mautone, and Stephen L. Soffer

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June 7, 2024
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.

I. Foundations of the Family–School Success Program

1. Introduction and Overview sample

2. Theoretical and Empirical Justification for Family–School Success

3. Setting Up the Family–School Success Program

4. Conducting Family–School Success Sessions

II. The Family–School Success Manual

5. FSS Session 1: Introduction to the Family–School Success Program

6. FSS Session 2: Strengthening Family Relationships

7. FSS Session 3: Understanding the Basics of Behavior Management

8. FSS Session 4: Preparing for Family–School Collaboration

9. FSS Session 5: Introducing the Token Economy

10. FSS Session 6: Understanding the Function of Behavior and Establishing the Homework Ritual

11. FSS Session 7: Managing Time and Goal Setting

12. FSS Session 8: Using Punishment Successfully

13. FSS Session 9: Planning for Future Success

III. Adaptations and Evaluation

14. Adaptations across Settings, Populations, and Time of Year

15. Assessing Intervention Fidelity, Engagement, and Outcomes, with Jenelle Nissley-Tsiopinis

16. Assessing the Outcomes of Family–School Success, with Yael Gross and Katie Tremont

Appendix A. Parent Handouts and Homework Assignments

Appendix B. Fidelity Checklists

Appendix C. Outcome Measures