Ethnicity and Family Therapy

Third Edition

Edited by Monica McGoldrick, Joe Giordano, and Nydia Garcia Preto

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August 18, 2005
ISBN 9781593850203
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March 1, 2011
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1. Overview: Ethnicity and Family Therapy, Monica McGoldrick, Joe Giordano, and Nydia Garcia Preto

I. American Indian and Pacific Islander Families

2. American Indian Families: An Overview, CharlesEtta T. Sutton and Mary Anne Broken Nose

3. Back to the Future: An Examination of the Native American Holocaust Experience, Nadine Tafoya and Ann Del Vecchio

4. N? 'Ohana: Hawaiian Families, Valli Kalei Kanuha

II. Families of African Origin

5. Familes of African Origin: An Overview, Lascelles Black and Vanessa Jackson

6. African American Families, Paulette Moore Hines and Nancy Boyd-Franklin

7. African Immigrant Families, Hugo Kamya

8. British West Indian Families, Janet R. Brice-Baker

9. Haitian Families, Josiane Menos

10. Muslim African American Families, Vanessa McAdams-Mahmoud

III. Latino Families

11. Latino Families: An Overview, Nydia Garcia Preto

12. Brazilian Families, Eliana Catão de Korin and Sueli S. de Carvalho Petry

13. Central American Families, Miguel Hernandez

14. Colombian Families, Ramón Rojano and Jenny Duncan-Rojano

15. Cuban Families, Guillermo Bernal and Ester Shapiro

16. Dominican Families, Carmen Inoa Vazquez

17. Mexican Families, Celia Jaes Falicov

18. Puerto Rican Families, Nydia Garcia Preto

19. Salvadoran Families, Daniel Kusnir

IV. Asian Families

20. Asian Families: An Overview, Evelyn Lee and Matthew R. Mock

21. Cambodian Families, Lorna McKenzie-Pollock

22. Chinese Families, Evelyn Lee and Matthew R. Mock

23. Filipino Families, Maria P. P. Root

24. Indonesian Families, Fred P. Piercy, Adriana Soekandar, Catherine D. M. Limansubroto, and Sean D. Davis

25. Japanese Families, Tazuko Shibusawa

26. Korean Families, Bok-Lim C. Kim and Eunjung Ryu

27. Vietnamese Families, Paul K. Leung and James Boehnlein

V. Asian Indian and Pakistani Families

28. Asian Indian Families: An Overview, Rhea Almeida

29. Indian Hindu Families, Vimala Pillari

30. Pakistani Families, Shivani Nath

VI. Middle Eastern Families

31. Arab Families: An Overview, Nuha Abudabbeh

32. Armenian Families, Steve Dagirmanjian

33. Iranian Families, Behnaz Jalali

34. Lebanese and Syrian Families, Karen L. Haboush

35. Palestinian Families, Nuha Abudabbeh

VII. Families of European Origin

36. Families of European Origin: An Overview, Joe Giordano and Monica McGoldrick

37. American Families with English Ancestors from the Colonial Era: Anglo Americans, David W. McGill and John K. Pearce

38. Dutch Families, Conrad DeMaster and MaryAnn Dros Giordano

39. French Canadian Families, Régis Langelier and Pamela Langelier

40. German Families, Hinda Winawer and Norbert A. Wetzel

41. Greek Families, Kyle D. Killian and Anna M. Agathangelou

42. Hungarian Families, Tracey A. Laszloffy

43. Irish Families, Monica McGoldrick

44. Italian Families, Joe Giordano, Monica McGoldrick, and Joanne Guarino Klages

45. Portuguese Families, Zarita Araujo-Lane

46. Scandinavian Families: Plain and Simple, Beth M. Erickson

47. Scots-Irish Families, Morris Taggart

VIII. Jewish Families

48. Jewish Families: An Overview, Susan F. Weltman and Elliott J. Rosen

49. Israeli Families, Anat Ziv

50. Orthodox Jewish Families, Marsha Pravder Mirkin and Barbara F. Okun

51. Russian Jewish Families, Leonid Newhouse

IX. Slavic Families

52. Slavic Families: An Overview, Leonid Newhouse

53. Czech and Slovak Families, Jo-Ann Krestan and Rita Mae Gazarik

54. Polish Families, John Folwarski and Joseph Smolenski, Jr.

Appendix: Cultural Assessment