Effective Read-Alouds for Early Literacy

A Teacher's Guide for PreK-1

Katherine A. Beauchat, Katrin L. Blamey, and Zoi A. Philippakos
Foreword by Sharon Walpole

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April 3, 2012
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1. Using Read-Alouds to Build Early Literacy and Language

2. Preparing for Read-Alouds in the Classroom

3. Developing Oral Language through Read-Alouds

4. Developing Vocabulary through Read-Alouds

5. Developing Book and Print Conventions through Read-Alouds

6. Developing Alphabet Awareness through Read-Alouds

7. Developing Phonological Awareness through Read-Alouds

8. Developing Comprehension through Read-Alouds

9. Tracking Your Progress

Appendix. Blank Planning Templates

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