Educational Measurement

From Foundations to Future

Edited by Craig S. Wells and Molly Faulkner-Bond
Epilogue by Else Hambleton

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Prologue, Stephen G. Sireci

I. The Roots

1. A Brief History of Educational Testing and Psychometrics, Kurt F. Geisinger & Betty Jean Usher Tate

II. Criterion Referenced Tests

2. Criterion Referenced Testing: Advances over 40 Years, Ronald K. Hambleton, April L. Zenisky, & W. James Popham

3. Standard Setting, Mary J. Pitoniak & Gregory J. Cizek

4. Validity in the Making: From Evidence Centered Design to the Validations of the Interpretations of Test Performance, Barbara S. Plake, Kristen T. Huff, Rosemary R. Reshetar, Pamela Kaliski, & Michael Chajewski

5. Decision Consistency, Kyung Han & Lawrence M. Rudner

6. Applications of Generalizability Theory, Brian E. Clauser & Jerome C. Clauser

III. Item Response Theory

7. A Brief History of and Introduction to Item Response Theory, Molly Faulkner Bond & Craig S. Wells

8. Concepts and Methods in Research on Differential Functioning of Test Items: Past, Present, and Future, H. Jane Rogers & Hariharan Swaminathan

9. Understanding Two Dimensional Models of Multidimensional Item Response Theory through Graphical Representations, Terry A. Ackerman & Robert A. Henson

10. Testing Assumptions of Item Response Theory Models, Craig S. Wells, Joseph Rios, & Molly Faulkner Bond

IV. Computer Based Testing

11. The History of Computer Based Testing, Denny Way & Fred Robin

12. Current Issues in Computer Based Testing, Craig N. Mills & Krista J. Breithaupt

13. The Future of Computer Based Testing: Some New Paradigms, April L. Zenisky & Richard M. Luecht

14. Design and Modeling Frameworks for 21st Century Simulation and Game Based Assessments, Alina von Davier & Robert Mislevy

V. Cross Lingual Assessment

15. Cross Lingual Educational Assessment, Avi Allalouf & Pnina Hanani

16. On Item Pools, Swimming Pools, Birds with Webbed Feet, and the Professionalization of Multilingual Assessment, Fons J. R. van de Vijver & Ype H. Poortinga

17. Test Adaptation Standards for Cross Lingual Assessment, Jose Muñiz, Paula Elosua, Jose Luis Padilla, & Ronald K. Hambleton

VI. Accountability Testing and Score Reporting

18. The History of Accountability in Educational Testing, Robert L. Linn

19. Growth: Measurement, Meaning, and Misuse, Lisa A. Keller, Kimberly F. Colvin, & Alejandra Garcia

20. Toward Improving the Reporting of Test Score Results: Lessons Learned from the Evolution of NAEP Reports, April L. Zenisky, John Mazzeo, & Mary J. Pitoniak

21. Performance Assessment and Accountability: Then and Now, Suzanne Lane

22. The History of Testing Special Populations: The Evolution of Fairness in Testing, Jennifer Randall & Alejandra Garcia

23. English Learners and Accountability: The Promise, Pitfalls, and Peculiarity of Assessing Language Minorities via Large Scale Assessment, Molly Faulkner Bond & Ellen Forte

24. Alternate Assessments for Students with Disabilities: Lessons from the National Center and State Collaborative, Martha L. Thurlow & Rachel F. Quenemoen

VII. Ongoing Debates and Future Directions

25. The Times They Are A Changing, but the Song Remains the Same: Future Issues and Practices in Test Validation, Stephen G. Sireci & Molly Faulkner Bond

Epilogue: A History of Ronald K. Hambleton, Else Hambleton

Glossary of Abbreviations