Doing CBT

Second Edition
A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Behaviors, Thoughts, and Emotions

David F. Tolin

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March 15, 2024
ISBN 9781462553624
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659 Pages
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December 5, 2023
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“The book does a masterful job of integrating the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional aspects of CBT into a balanced treatment that maximizes client outcome….The book’s straightforward style with refreshingly open opinions about the author’s approach to CBT and user friendly, step-by-step structure makes it an essential training tool for graduate students. This theoretically grounded, research informed, comprehensive text makes a good reference book for scientists. Finally, its vivid instructive case examples make it a valuable resource for practitioners and instructors. In summary, Doing CBT is an excellent ‘go-to’ resource for professional practice, consultation, and graduate level training.”

Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy (on the first edition)

“Tolin has accomplished something few others have managed to do—he has written a CBT book that is comprehensive yet highly readable and accessible. If you are wedded to an evidence-based approach to helping individuals change maladaptive patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, look no further than this terrific resource. Students and clinicians will find virtually everything they need to know about doing CBT, from key conceptual foundations to hands-on practical material and illustrative examples. Like the first edition, the second edition will occupy a prominent space on my bookshelf and will be the first resource I lend out to the students I supervise.”

—Jonathan S. Abramowitz, PhD, Professor and Director, Clinical Psychology PhD Program, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“I was looking for a text that comprehensively taught and illustrated the full toolbox of CBT techniques and the theories behind them, and I was very glad to find this one. Like the first edition, the excellent second edition will be perfect for my graduate-level CBT course. It is focused broadly on the principles of change and is a great primer for anyone interested in learning how to apply CBT flexibly and effectively.”

—Michelle G. Newman, PhD, Department of Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University

“Few if any texts discuss and demonstrate the breadth of CBT interventions that this one does. This book covers a wide range of techniques, provides specific details on implementation, and includes an impressive array of client handouts, which my students and I use often. This is a 'must read' for experienced and novice practitioners, including graduate students or interns learning psychotherapy. The writing is clear, and it is a pleasure to read. I have used the first edition in my practicum courses, and it provides my students with both theoretical and practical knowledge. After reading a chapter on intervention, they are ready to try it!”

—Raymond DiGiuseppe, PhD, ABPP, Department of Psychology, St John’s University

“This is my all-time favorite resource for CBT case conceptualization and treatment planning! Experienced clinicians and trainees alike will find this book to be a highly engaging (and often funny) treasure trove of information and practical clinical strategies. I have been using the first edition in my graduate seminars, in clinical supervision, and with my own clients for years. The welcome second edition provides the best from the original work along with new case examples and additional resources. Every CBT therapist, trainer, and supervisor should have and use Doing CBT as part of their professional toolbox.”

—Ann M. Steffen, PhD, ABPP, Department of Psychological Sciences, University of Missouri–St. Louis