Doing CBT

Second Edition
A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Behaviors, Thoughts, and Emotions

David F. Tolin

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March 15, 2024
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1. Laying Out the Basics sample

I. Why Do People Suffer?

2. The Behavioral System and How It Can Go Wrong

3. The Cognitive System and How It Can Go Wrong

4. The Emotional System and How It Can Go Wrong

5. Creating Solid Case Conceptualizations

II. How Do We Help?

- Section A. How We Engage the Client

6. Therapy Assessment and Case Formulation

7. CBT Finesse

- Section B. Behavior-Level Interventions

8. Situation Selection and Stimulus Control

9. Contingency Management in Therapy

10. Direct Behavioral Prescriptions and Graded Task Assignment

11. Exposure

12. Behavioral Skill Training

- Section C. Cognitive-Level Interventions

13. What’s the Client Thinking?

14. Restructuring Thoughts

15. Leaving Thoughts Alone

16. Going Deeper with Intermediate and Core Beliefs

- Section D. Emotion-Level Interventions

17. Modulating Emotion

18. Distress Tolerance

III. Putting It All Together

19. Putting It All Together: William’s CBT

20. Putting It All Together: Anna’s CBT

21. Putting It All Together: Elizabeth’s CBT

22. Putting It All Together: Bethany’s CBT

Appendix A. Further Reading

Appendix B. Tools for the Clinician