Children's Literature in the Reading Program

Fifth Edition
Engaging Young Readers in the 21st Century

Edited by Deborah A. Wooten, Lauren Aimonette Liang, and Bernice E. Cullinan
Foreword by Richard L. Allington

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June 14, 2018
ISBN 9781462535828
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June 15, 2018
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May 15, 2018
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“Diverse children’s literature has the power to take us vicariously to lands and times we can only imagine, making immigrants of us all as we learn to walk in another’s path. This enthralling resource will help teachers facilitate this journey. Critically analyzing varying genres and formats of children’s literature, the authors invite teachers to successfully adopt high-quality books on a range of topics. This updated fifth edition is an invaluable resource.”

—Ruth McKoy Lowery, PhD, Department of Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University

“Offers a wealth of information for anyone who desires to support the reading development of children. In this interesting, well-written fifth edition, readers learn about exemplary children’s books from a wide variety of genres and cultures and discover evidence-based ideas for how to engage students effectively in the reading and discussion of these books. Preservice and practicing teachers alike will feel confident implementing the ideas shared by highly knowledgeable scholars in the field of children’s literature. Purchasing this book is a sound investment in your professional library.”

—Patricia E. Bandré, PhD, reading instructional specialist, Salina Public Schools, Kansas

“An increased focus on using diverse literature in K–8 classrooms and several entirely new chapters make this fifth edition a great resource for teachers, teacher educators, and library media specialists who want to incorporate literature in the reading language arts curriculum. From a chapter on the arts, diversity, and picturebooks, to one focused on transitional chapter books, to another exploring nonfiction narrative styles, the material presented here helps teachers select literature and strategies that will engage and motivate their students.”

—Lee Galda, PhD, Marguerite Henry Professor of Children's and Young Adult Literature (Emerita), University of Minnesota

“The fifth edition continues the legacy of earlier editions by remaining timely and relevant. It provides specific strategies that are grounded in research-based theory and accompanied by authentic examples of student interactions with high-quality books. Teachers will be inspired to use the best children’s literature available today to enrich their students' understanding of themselves and the world.”

—Junko Yokota, PhD, Director, Center for Teaching through Children’s Books, National Louis University