Working with Traumatized Youth in Child Welfare

Edited by Nancy Boyd Webb

October 28, 2005
ISBN 9781593852245
Price: $49.00
316 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

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“A text that is exceptionally well grounded with regard to concepts, theory, practice, and evidence. It is a book that lays a foundation and a challenge for bridging the gap between child welfare and mental health systems in order to optimally help traumatized youth and families....This edited volume ends with an extremely valuable appendix that lists child- and trauma-related organizations, national child welfare resource centers, training and certification programs, and child- and trauma-related professional journals....The text will be of value to all who lead, educate for, and practice within systems striving to work competently and compassionately with traumatized youth and families. Working with Traumatized Youth in Child Welfare is much more than its title—it defines gaps in trauma work and constructs some sturdy bridles for the benefit of children, adolescents, families, and clinicians.”

Clinical Social Work Journal

“Makes a good contribution toward providing practitioners who have not had training in disaster mental health or trauma, with information and resources....Webb's book is a helpful guide to practice, and it includes a wide span of possible interventions and related issues....A useful tool in examining pertinent issues related to work with child trauma survivors in the child welfare system.”


“This book is a 'must read' for anyone administrating, investigating, monitoring, or caring for youth in the child welfare system. It supplies basic information for students in mental health and other fields who plan to provide care or treatment for this population. Chapters define problems faced by the child welfare system and the youth and family members under its care, review the effects of maltreatment on the developing brain, and detail treatment methods and interventions that may assist youths’ recovery from (often multiple) traumas.”

—Kathleen Nader, DSW, Austin, Texas

“This refreshing and long-needed book will open new possibilities for interventions with children and families in the child welfare system. It offers a compelling review of the impact of trauma on a child's brain and development. The assessment and intervention methods, resources, and case examples in every chapter brilliantly integrate theory and practice and support the development of skills that are critical for this work. This is a 'must read' for clinicians, child welfare workers, and program managers, and a great text for students preparing for child welfare practice.”

—Pat Sandau-Beckler, PhD, LCSW, School of Social Work, New Mexico State University

“Nancy Boyd Webb is a nationally known expert in child treatment, and this timely volume will be a welcome contribution for current and future child welfare practitioners. The book guides the reader through the latest theories and research on the association of early life trauma with developmental psychopathology, then presents empirically based treatment strategies for traumatized maltreated youth. Ideal for undergraduate and graduate classrooms in social work, psychology, nursing, special education—wherever concern for the mental health of maltreated children is found.”

—Martha Morrison Dore, PhD, Adelphi University School of Social Work