Working with High-Risk Adolescents

A Collaborative Strengths-Based Approach

Matthew D. Selekman
Foreword by Harlene Anderson

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November 22, 2018
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Copyright Date: 2017
March 10, 2017
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Foreword, Harlene Anderson

1. Navigating through Complex High-Risk Adolescent Mazes

2. Family Engagement: Tailor the Relationships of Choice

3. Building Strong Partnerships with Pessimistic Helping Professionals and Members from Families’ Social Networks

4. Collaborative Treatment Team Planning and Goal Setting

5. Co-Developing and Selecting Interventions to Suit Clients’ Strengths, Theories of Change, and Goals

6. Family–Social Network Relapse Prevention Tools and Strategies

7. “The Atomic Bomb Kid”: Working with a Violent Adolescent

8. From “Numbing Out Bad Thoughts and Feelings” to “Welcoming Death”: Working with a High-Risk Suicidal Adolescent

9. Therapeutic Mistakes and Treatment Failures: Wisdom Gained and Valuable Lessons Learned

10. Therapeutic Artistry: Finding Your Creative Edge