Working with Adolescents

Second Edition
A Guide for Practitioners

Julie Anne Laser and Nicole Nicotera

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May 20, 2021
ISBN 9781462546152
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362 Pages
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May 12, 2021
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362 Pages
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I. Theoretical Framework

1. Benefits and Challenges in Clinical Work with Adolescents: An Overview sample

2. The Push–Pull of Adolescent Development

3. The Adolescent Brain

4. Resilience in Adolescence

II. The Adolescent in Context

5. Internal Assets and Individual Attributes Associated with Healthy Adolescent Outcomes, Nicole Nicotera & Thomas Luster

6. The Family Environment and the Adolescent, Julie Anne Laser & Douglas Davies

7. The School Environment and the Adolescent

8. The Neighborhood Environment and the Adolescent

9. Media Influences and the Adolescent

10. Assessment and Intervention at Each Ecological Level: A Case Illustration, Julie Anne Laser, Nicole Nicotera, Thomas Luster, & Douglas Davies

III. Clinical Interventions to Support Adolescents

11. Trauma from an Ecological Perspective

12. Substance Use and Dependence

13. Working with Queer Youth

14. Mental Health Issues in Adolescence: Anxiety and Depression

15. Suicidal Thoughts and Related Behaviors, Stacey Freedenthal

16. Sexually Active Teens, Rebecca Bolden, Shannon Sainer, & Julie Anne Laser

17. Juvenile Justice Involved Youth

18. The Joys of Working with Adolescents