What Works for Bipolar Kids

Help and Hope for Parents

Mani Pavuluri
Foreword by Susan Resko

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May 8, 2008
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March 1, 2011
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Foreword, Susan Resko

Introduction. Helping Your Bipolar Child: A Fresh Outlook

I. The Facts and Fundamentals: Knowing the Playground

1. Yes, Bipolar Disorder Does Occur in Children

2. Does My Child Really Have Bipolar Disorder?

3. Finding the Right Doctor and Treatment Team

II. Treatment That Can Help Your Child and Your Family: Finding the Solutions

4. Setting the Stage to Make the Most of Treatment: Principles to Get You Off to a Good Start

5. Managing Your Child’s Moods with Medication

6. Making Life Better with RAINBOW Therapy

7. Parenting with Poise: The Secret Ingredient for Success

III. Pulling It All Together into Strategies for Specific Situations: Wisdom That Gets You Centered

8. Keeping the Peace at Home

9. Finding the Best School Setting and Programs for Your Child

10. Forming a Partnership with Your Child’s Teacher

11. Building Social Skills for Positive Friendships

* A Final Word

* Appendix A. Principles for Meeting the Challenge of Bipolar Disorder

* Appendix B. Child Mania Rating Scale—Parent Version (CMRS-P)

*Appendix C. Child Mania Rating Scale—Teacher Version (CMRS-T)

* Appendix D. Medication: Tracking the History of Response

* Appendix E. Pediatric Side Effects Checklist (P-SEC)

* Appendix F. Medications Used for Bipolar Disorder in Children

* Appendix G. Daily Mood Calendar

* Appendix H. Framework for a Physician-School Teleconference

* Resources