Validity Assessment in Clinical Neuropsychological Practice

Evaluating and Managing Noncredible Performance

Edited by Ryan W. Schroeder and Phillip K. Martin

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November 16, 2021
ISBN 9781462542499
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September 20, 2021
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“Drilling deeply into each topic, there is no wasted line, with each chapter being densely packed with information, along with useful accompanying reference lists; at the same time the book is very readable, presenting accessible coverage of the material….All in all, as a contemporary resource relating to salient issues that every practicing clinical neuropsychologist needs familiarity with, the book makes an excellent contribution to the field, both for newer clinicians and for those who are more seasoned.”

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

“To say that this book fills a void in clinical neuropsychology would be an understatement. The reader comes away with an appreciation of the importance of validity assessment across all settings in which clinical neuropsychologists work. I am hard pressed to think of any context or patient group that is not addressed. Schroeder and Martin are leaders in validity assessment in clinical settings, and the chapter authors include many of the best-known scientists and practitioners in this area.”

—Robert L. Heilbronner, PhD, ABPP-CN, Chicago Neuropsychology Group; Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University

“This thoughtful and thorough review of the complexities of validity assessment is a welcome addition to the clinical neuropsychologist’s library. For anyone who works with patients, this text comprehensively examines issues that until now have received far more attention in the forensic arena. The topics—ranging from ethical considerations to communicating about feigning verbally and in written reports—will be tremendously helpful to practitioners as they navigate challenging and nuanced situations. In my classes, I would use the book to help prepare students for real-world clinical practice.”

—Douglas Whiteside, PhD, ABPP-CN, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School

“Most books on validity assessment focus on the forensic side, and on diagnoses that are likely to result in litigation and/or compensation seeking. But not all forensic concepts can be easily applied to clinical settings. This volume provides fresh perspectives and up-to-date data that all clinicians can benefit from. Readers will find detailed information on how to explain performance validity test failure, provide feedback, and write reports, while maintaining clinical care. Ethical and cultural considerations, statistics, test selection, and use of performance validity tests with specific populations are covered.”

—Dominic A. Carone, PhD, ABPP-CN, Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine, Upstate Medical University, State University of New York