Treating PTSD in Preschoolers

A Clinical Guide

Michael S. Scheeringa

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October 7, 2015
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October 7, 2015
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I. Introduction and Background

1. Overview of Preschool PTSD Treatment

Why Is Treatment Needed?

Development of Preschool PTSD Treatment

The Evidence Base

Who Is Appropriate for Treatment?

How Is the Treatment Theorized to Work?

Components of PPT

Feasibility of Using CBT Techniques with Young Children

Parent-Child Relational Considerations

Practical Matters

2. Assessment

What Are Traumas for Young Children?

Assessment of PTSD Is More Difficult Compared to Other Disorders

What Do We Know about Assessing PTSD in Young Children?

Symptomatic and Impaired, but Not Diagnosed

Assessment Measures

The Intake Assessment before Session 1

II. Treatment Manual

Session 1. Psychoeducation

Session 2. Oppositional Defiance

Session 3. Feelings

Session 4. Coping Skills

Session 5. Tell the Story

Session 6. Easy Exposure

Session 7. Medium Exposure

Session 8. Medium Exposure

Session 9. Worst Exposure

Session 10. Worst Exposure

Session 11. Relapse Prevention

Session 12. Graduation

III. Parent Handouts, Child Worksheets, and Therapist Forms

Appendix 1. Illustrations of PTSD Symptoms

Appendix 2. Fidelity and Achievement ChecklisT (FACT)

Appendix 3. Cheat Sheets