Transforming Writing Instruction in the Digital Age

Techniques for Grades 5-12

Thomas DeVere Wolsey and Dana L. Grisham
Foreword by Bridget Dalton

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April 26, 2012
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Includes Common Core Content


Hashtags by Technique

I. Getting Started with Tools and Teaching

Technique 1. Resources: Anytime, Anywhere

Technique 2. Management: Computers in the Classroom

Technique 3. Management: The Hardware

Technique 4. Direct Instruction

Technique 5. A Word about Differentiation

II. Writing and Thinking

Technique 6. Embracing Writing: Knowledge-Transforming Writing

Technique 7. Why Writing Is a Process, and How Technology Can Help

Technique 8. Working with Sources: Keeping Track of Learning, and Leaving a Path for Others to Follow

Technique 9. Working with Sources: Using Style Guides

III. Writing to Understand: It’s All about the Discipline

Technique 10. Discussion and Writing

Technique 11. Writing Short Pieces

Technique 12. Short Writing: Electronic Journals

Technique 13. Blogs and Classroom Websites for Writing

Technique 14. Online Literature Discussion (Threaded Discussion)

Technique 15. Vocabulary and Writing

Technique 16. Collaborative Writing

Technique 17. Are Those Kids Texting Again?

IV. Inquiry and Long Thinking Meet the Disciplines

Technique 18. FAQs about Writing in the Disciplines

Technique 19. It’s All the Same, or Maybe Not?

Technique 20. What Was That Essential Question Again?

Technique 21. Learning Because I’m Writing: Logs and Journals

Technique 22. Writing Is (Hard) Cognitive Work: Bloom’s Taxonomy Matters

Technique 23. Internet Inquiry

Technique 24. Prompts

Technique 25. Prewriting: Composing before Writing with Pen or Keyboard

Technique 26. Prewriting with Graphic Organizers

Technique 27. Feedback, Assessment, and Technology

V. What about Literature and English Language Arts?

Technique 28. Short Writing: Summaries in Response to Reading

Technique 29. The Zen of Writing about Literature

Technique 30. Persuasion: In This Essay, I’m Going to Convince You…

Technique 31. Prompts for Writing: Language Arts

VI. Composing with Multimedia

Technique 32. Visualize It!

Technique 33. Podcasting: It’s Ear-resistible

VII. Wrapping It Up

Technique 34. Advocacy for Technology and New Literacies

Technique 35. High-Stakes Writing Assessments

Technique 36. Automated Tools

Technique 37. Publication

Appendix: Common Core Content Standards for Writing, Grades 6–12