The Therapeutic Alliance

An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice

Edited by J. Christopher Muran and Jacques P. Barber

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August 11, 2010
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March 1, 2011
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An Introduction: Establishing the Context and Rationale, J. Christopher Muran and Jacques P. Barber

I. Critical Studies of the Therapeutic Alliance

1. Alliance Theory and Measurement, Robert L. Hatcher

2. The Validity of the Alliance as a Predictor of Psychotherapy Outcome, Jacques P. Barber, Shabad-Ratan Khalsa, and Brian A. Sharpless

3. The Alliance over Time, William B. Stiles and Jacob Z. Goldsmith

4. Qualitative Studies of Negative Experiences in Psychotherapy, Clara E. Hill

5. Alliance Ruptures and Resolution, Catherine Eubanks-Carter, J. Christopher Muran, and Jeremy D. Safran

II. Practice and the Therapeutic Alliance

6. A Psychodynamic Perspective on the Therapeutic Alliance: Theory, Research, and Practice, Stanley B. Messer and David L. Wolitzky

7. An Interpersonal Perspective on Therapy Alliances and Techniques, Lorna Smith Benjamin and Kenneth L. Critchfield

8. The Therapeutic Alliance in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Louis G. Castonguay, Michael J. Constantino, Andrew A. McAleavey, and Marvin R. Goldfried

9. A Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) Approach to the Therapeutic Alliance, Mavis Tsai, Robert J. Kohlenberg, and Jonathan W. Kanter

10. The Therapeutic Alliance in Humanistic Psychotherapy, Jeanne C. Watson and Freda Kalogerakos

11. Therapeutic Alliances in Couple Therapy: The Web of Relationships, Adam O. Horvath, Dianne Symonds, and Luis Tapia

12. Therapeutic Alliances and Alliance Building in Family Therapy, Valentín Escudero, Laurie Heatherington, and Myrna L. Friedlander

13. The Therapeutic Alliance in Group Therapy, William E. Piper and John S. Ogrodniczuk

III. Training Programs on the Therapeutic Alliance

14. Developing Skills in Managing Negative Process, Jeffrey L. Binder and William P. Henry

15. Training in Alliance-Fostering Techniques, Paul Crits-Christoph, Katherine Crits-Christoph, and Mary Beth Connolly Gibbons

16. Developing Therapist Abilities to Negotiate Alliance Ruptures, J. Christopher Muran, Jeremy D. Safran, and Catherine Eubanks-Carter

17. Coda: Recommendations for Practice and Training, Brian A. Sharpless, J. Christopher Muran, and Jacques P. Barber