The Regional World

Territorial Development in a Global Economy

Michael Storper

October 31, 1997
ISBN 9781572303157
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338 Pages
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I. Regions as Relations and Conventions

1. The Resurgence of Regional Economies, Ten Years Later

2. Regional Economies as Relational Assets

II. Evolution and Territorial Development

3. The Evolution of Regional Specificities

4. Crossing Industrial Divides in a Region

III. Products, Technologies, and Territories

5. Innovation as Collective Action: Conventions, Products, Technologies, and Territories

6. Regional Worlds of Production: Conventions of Learning and Innovation in the Technology Districts of France, Italy, and the United States

IV. Globalization and Territorial Specificity

7. Territories, Flows, and Hierarchies in the Clobal Economy

8. The Limits to Globalization: Technology Districts and International Trade

9. The World of the City: Local Relations in a Global Economy

V. Regional Institutions, Territorial Orders

10. Institutions of the Learning Economy

11. Conclusion: Technology, Firm Strategies, and Territorial Order