Teaching on Solid Ground

Knowledge Foundations for the Teacher of English

Thomas M. McCann and John V. Knapp
Foreword by Carol D. Lee

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January 9, 2019
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Foreword, Carol D. Lee

Introduction: The Importance of Pedagogical Content for the Teaching of English

1. Knowing the Territory of Literature

2. Teaching in the Territory of Literature sample

3. The Territory of Writing: What Makes for Good Writing?

4. The Territory of Writing: How Can We Facilitate Growth?

5. The Territory of Oral Discourse

6. The Territory of Language: What Do We Teach When We Teach Language?

7. What English Teachers Should Know

Appendix A. What is the “Business” of Teaching English?: Profiles of English Teachers in Action

Appendix B. Knowledge about Mode and Form: What Is a Tragedy?

Appendix C. Practice with Rules of Notice and Rules of Significance

Appendix D. Applying Rules of Notice and Signification

Appendix E. Discovering Rules of Configuration

Appendix F. A Case for Discussion and Written Response

Appendix G. Drawing on Knowledge about Drama: Reading a Shakespeare Play as Performance

Appendix H. Using Language Analysis to “Open” a Novel