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Taking Charge of ADHD

Fourth Edition
The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents

Russell A. Barkley

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June 12, 2020
ISBN 9781462543199
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381 Pages
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June 12, 2020
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June 16, 2020
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“This book features pioneering research that provides new insight into preventing ADHD from becoming a major obstacle in a child's (and parent's) life....Parents will appreciate having this book on hand, and teachers will want a copy to show parents who are ready for a resource.”

Intervention in School and Clinic (on the first edition)

“If any professional knows about ADHD, it is Russell A. Barkley....All in all, this is a splendid book.”

Child and Family Behavior Therapy (on the first edition)

“An excellent and readable book that will empower parents of children with ADHD.”

NAMI Advocate (on the first edition)

“This is not just another book. This is a great book....Although aimed at parents, it has something for everyone involved with ADHD kids: teachers, psychologists, doctors, and family. I am not going to lend this book to parents (although I will show it to them) because they need to buy it so they have it on hand to read and reread.”

Pediatric News (on the first edition)

“This book is unique in its up-to-date and clear presentation of the scientific underpinnings of the disorder and the pragmatic, empirically based approach to intervention that it encourages. It is also very well organized and readable; it is probably the best available resource of this type.”

Doody's Health Sciences Book Review (on the first edition)

“I certainly plan to recommend this book to parents….It empowers parents to take charge of the life of their child with ADHD rather than feel constantly distressed and overwhelmed by the special needs of these unique children.”

Canadian Medical Association Journal (on the first edition)

“I am always looking for the best book, the right book or the latest book. Let me tell you about one: Russell A. Barkley, PhD's, Taking Charge of ADHD.

Psychiatric Times (on the revised edition)

“An excellent resource for parents, clinicians, and teachers.”

Child Psychology and Psychiatry Review (on the first edition)

“This material is specific, practical, widely applicable, and supported by both clinical and research experience. From the pediatric therapist's perspective, this book has a great deal to offer....An outstanding achievement.”

Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics (on the first edition)

“Addresses the common questions and concerns of puzzled parents....Its overall theme is positive and hopeful and will be welcomed by many families.”

Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (on the first edition)

“Rich in anecdote and warm in understanding of the human experience of ADHD, this book should be a must for most parents....Dr. Barkley has produced a book that will be added to the list of practical, reasoned, well thought out and helpful resources for parents who are looking for it all in one place.”

Canadian Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Review (on the revised edition)

“Dr. Barkley gifts us all with this fourth edition of his classic work. You will find tons of new information—grounded in the most recent science—and the advice of one of the most experienced, thoughtful, and kind professionals we have. This book is brimming with wisdom that parents can put to use every day. Bravo, and thank you, Dr. Barkley!”

—Edward M. Hallowell, MD, coauthor of Driven to Distraction

“This book woke me up, gave me a good cry, consoled me, then helped me plan for the future. Dr. Barkley gave me a better understanding of exactly how and why ADHD has been such a serious problem for my daughter. The book is written so you can easily digest it and follow the step-by-step advice to advocate for your child. It is candid and empathic. This book is my 'go to'—I refer to it daily and I will be giving copies to my family members and school counselors. Parents need this book!”

—Kirsten W., Detroit

“This book is packed with useful information that makes it a go-to resource for the parents and kids I see in my clinical practice. It is difficult to imagine any question a parent might have about ADHD and its treatment that is not addressed here. The book provides how-to guidance in a straightforward, step-by-step format—including helpful tips for getting a thorough evaluation, dealing with behavior challenges, working with schools and teachers, managing medications, and navigating the teen years.”

—Peg Dawson, EdD, coauthor of Smart but Scattered

“As the mother of a 16-year-old with ADHD and as a speech–language pathologist working with children of all ages, I am beyond glad this book came my way! It is the most thorough and practical book I have ever read on ADHD. This book has helped me gain so much insight into the disorder, along with practical methods for tackling some of the most difficult and puzzling aspects of it. Dr. Barkley has given me immediate things I can do to improve my son’s life, and guidance I can provide to the parents of children I work with. I love the suggestions for structuring the home–school relationship to help kids reach their potential, and the suggestions for taking care of yourself as a parent. This is an incredible resource for families.”

—Jennie M., Austin

“Barkley has provided a scientifically grounded, up-to-date resource for parents. Readers will discover critical insights and specific guidance—from managing behavioral, social, emotional, academic, and health concerns, to navigating difficult conversations with children, teens, and teachers. The book is informed by Barkley's clinical experience and decades of research.”

—Kelly B. Cartwright, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Teacher Preparation, Christopher Newport University