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Skills Training for Struggling Kids

Promoting Your Child's Behavioral, Emotional, Academic, and Social Development

Michael L. Bloomquist

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November 5, 2012
ISBN 9781609181703
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275 Pages
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November 29, 2012
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275 Pages
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Introduction: How to Use This Book

Getting Started and Staying with It

1. The Struggling Child: Understanding Your Child's Behavioral-Emotional Problems

2. Getting Back on Track: Coming Up with a Skills-Building Plan for Your Child and Family

3. Taking Care of Business: Getting Going and Following Through

Enhancing Your Child's Behavioral Development

4. Doing What You're Told: Teaching Your Child to Comply with Parental Directives

5. Doing What's Expected: Teaching Your Child to Follow Rules

6. Doing the Right Thing: Teaching Your Child to Behave Honestly

7. Staying Cool under Fire: Managing Your Child's Protesting of Discipline and Preventing Angry Outbursts

Enhancing Your Child's Social Development

8. Making Friends: Teaching Your Child Social Behavior Skills

9. Keeping Friends: Teaching Your Child Social Problem-Solving Skills

10. That Hurts!: Helping Your Child with Bullies

11. Hanging with the “Right Crowd”: Influencing Your Child's Peer Relationships

Enhancing Your Child's Emotional Development

12. Let It Out!: Teaching Your Child to Understand and Express Feelings

13. You Are What You Think: Teaching Your Child to Think Helpful Thoughts

14. Stress Busters: Teaching Your Child to Manage Stress

Enhancing Your Child's Academic Development

15. Surviving School: Teaching Your Child to Manage Time, Organize, Plan, Review, and Stay on Task

16. Teaming Up: Collaborating and Advocating for Your Child at School

Enhancing Your Well-Being as a Parent

17. You Parent the Way You Think: Thinking Helpful Thoughts to Enhance Parenting

18. Cool Parents: Managing Your Own Stress to Enhance Parenting

Enhancing Your Family's Well-Being

19. Let's Get Together: Strengthening Family Bonds and Organization

20. We Can Work It Out: Strengthening Family Interaction Skills