Separation Anxiety in Children and Adolescents

An Individualized Approach to Assessment and Treatment

Andrew R. Eisen and Charles E. Schaefer
Foreword by David H. Barlow

February 13, 2007
ISBN 9781593854829
Price: $39.00
298 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 2005

Foreword, David H. Barlow

I. Introduction

1. The Nature of Separation Anxiety

2. Development of Separation Anxiety

II. A Prescriptive Approach to Assessment and Treatment

3. Assessing Separation Anxiety

III. Teaching Child Coping Skills

4. Child Coping Skills I: It's Time to Relax

5. Child Coping Skills II. You Are What You Think

IV. Teaching Parent Coping Skills

6. Parent Coping Skills I: Understanding My Child's Separation Anxiety

7. Parent Coping Skills II: Managing My Child's Separation Anxiety

V. Confronting Separation Anxiety

8. Structuring the Treatment Sessions: Skills Building, Hierarchy Development, and Treatment Planning

9. Negotiating Fear of Being Alone: Being Alone and Sleeping Alone

10. Negotiating Fear of Being Abandoned: School, Camp, and Other Settings

VI. Navigating the Obstacle Course

11. Staying in Control: Managing Pitfalls and Relapse

Appendix A. Assessment Instruments

Appendix B. Handouts