Self-Determination Theory

Basic Psychological Needs in Motivation, Development, and Wellness

Richard Ryan and Edward L. Deci

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February 14, 2017
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I. Introduction

1. Self-Determination Theory: An Introduction and Overview

II. Philosophical and Historical Considerations

2. Organismic Principles: Historical Perspectives on Development and Integration in Living Entities

3. Human Autonomy: Philosophical Perspectives and the Phenomenology of Self

4. Psychological Needs: Varied Concepts and a Preliminary Description of Self-Determination Theory’s Approach

5. A Brief History of Intrinsic Motivation

III. The Six Mini-Theories of Self-Determination Theory

6. Cognitive Evaluation Theory, Part I: The Effects of Rewards, Feedback, and Other External Events on Intrinsic Motivation

7. Cognitive Evaluation Theory, Part II: Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Processes Affecting Intrinsic Motivation

8. Organismic Integration Theory: Internalization and the Differentiation of Extrinsic Motivation

9. Causality Orientations Theory: Individual Differences in, and Priming of, Motivational Orientations

10. Basic Psychological Needs Theory: Satisfaction and Frustration of Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness in Relation to Psychological Wellness and Full Functioning

11. Goal Contents Theory: Aspirations, Life Goals, and Their Varied Consequences

12. Relationships Motivation Theory: The Self in Close Relationships

IV. Motivation and Human Development in Families, Schools, and Societies

13. Parenting and the Facilitation of Autonomy and Well-Being in Development

14. Schools as Contexts for Learning and Social Development

15. Identity Development, Self-Esteem, and Authenticity

16. Development, Basic Psychological Needs, and Psychopathology

V. The Application and Practice of Self-Determination Theory in Multiple Domains

17. Psychotherapy and Behavior Change: Creating Facilitating Environments

18. Health Care and Patient Need Satisfaction: Supporting Maintained Health Behavior Change

19. Sport, Physical Activity, and Physical Education

20. Motivation and Need Satisfaction in Video Games and Virtual Environments

21. Work and Organizations: Promoting Wellness and Productivity

VI. Basic Psychological Needs in Pervasive Social Contexts

22. Pervasive Social Influences, Part I: Cultural Contexts

23. Pervasive Social Influences, Part II: Economic and Political Systems

24. On Basic Needs and Human Natures: Altruism, Aggression, and the Bright and Dark Sides of Human Motivation

A Very Brief Epilogue


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