School-Based Crisis Intervention

Preparing All Personnel to Assist

Melissa Allen Heath and Dawn Sheen

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March 17, 2005
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March 9, 2016
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“This book is a most welcome contribution to the school crisis response literature. Anyone who works in a school setting—and school-based mental health professionals in particular—will find this book invaluable. A powerful crisis-preparedness tool, it offers practical guidance and support for those charged with helping students cope with challenging realities in their lives.”

—Stephen E. Brock, PhD, Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology, California State University, Sacramento

“This book demonstrates a comprehensive approach to educating all school personnel about how to deal with crisis situations. Using practical activities and lessons, it vividly illustrates how school counselors can help students and staff members cope with the aftermath of a crisis and the wide span of emotions that everyone feels.”

—Kwok-Sze R. Wong, Executive Director, American School Counselor Association

“This book fills an important and unique niche in the crisis intervention field. Training all school personnel to help children cope with crisis is a unique focus. Broad-based interventions are essential for successful outcomes. The activities presented are highly engaging and will enable teachers and support staff to recognize and intervene with children in distress.”

—Bill Pfohl, PsyD, Department of Psychology, Western Kentucky University

“This book presents essential information for school personnel in today's world. It offers excellent coverage of basic crisis intervention and support skills. School psychologists and counselors will want to share the information in this book with everyone from the principal to the bus driver. This is very valuable knowledge that everyone in education should have.”

—Scott Poland, EdD, Director of Psychological Services, Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, Houston, Texas