Cognitive Theory, Research, and Therapy

Aaron T. Beck, Neil A. Rector, Neal Stolar, and Paul Grant

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October 29, 2008
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Aaron Beck voted one of the 10 Most Influential Psychotherapists by Psychotherapy Networker readers!
1. Overview of Schizophrenia

2. Biological Contributions

3. A Cognitive Conceptualization of Delusions

4. A Cognitive Conceptualization of Auditory Hallucinations

5. A Cognitive Conceptualization of Negative Symptoms

6. A Cognitive Conceptualization of Formal Thought Disorder

7. Assessment

8. Engagement and Fostering the Therapeutic Relationship

9. Cognitive Assessment and Therapy of Delusions

10. Cognitive Assessment and Therapy of Auditory Hallucinations

11. Cognitive Assessment and Therapy of Negative Symptoms

12. Cognitive Assessment and Therapy of Formal Thought Disorder

13. Cognitive Therapy and Pharmacotherapy

14. An Integrative Cognitive Model of Schizophrenia


A. Beck Cognitive Insight Scale (BCIS)

B. Scoring and Interpretation of the Beck Cognitive Insight Scale (BCIS)

C. Suggested Outline for Initial Psychological/Psychiatric Evaluation

D. Cognitive Assessment of Psychosis Inventory (CAPI)

E. Cognitive Triads for Delusional Beliefs

F. Cognitive Distortions Seen in Patients with Psychosis

G. Cognitive Distortions Specific to Psychosis

H. Thought Disorder Rating Scale (THORATS)