Rethinking Learning Disabilities

Understanding Children Who Struggle in School

Deborah Paula Waber

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September 6, 2011
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June 6, 2017
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I. The Developmental Approach to Learning Disabilities

1. The Dilemma: What Is a Learning Disability?

2. A Learning Disability Is a Developmental Problem

3. A Developmental Science Perspective on Learning Disabilities

4. A Lifespan Perspective on Learning Disabilities

5. Identifying Learning Disabilities: A Developmental Approach

6. Insights from Cognitive Neuroscience: Automatic and Effortful Processing

II. Diagnosing the Child–World Interaction

7. Identical Twins

8. An Adequate Achiever with Learning Problems

9. Beyond a “Reading Problem”

10. Learning-Disabled Children Grown Up

11. A Developmental Strategy for Resolving the Dilemma

Appendix. Publications of the Children's Hospital Boston Learning Disabilities Research Center