Relationships in Recovery

Repairing Damage and Building Healthy Connections While Overcoming Addiction

Kelly E. Green

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August 6, 2021
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June 30, 2021
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Kelly Green shares strategies for improving relationships while on the road to recovery.Video: Three Strategies for Improving Relationships

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1. Getting Started

2. Understanding the Interplay between Relationships, Addiction, and Recovery Efforts sample

3. Identifying Barriers to Working on Relationships and Staying Motivated

4. Exploring the Unhealthy and Healthy Aspects of Your Relationships

5. Developing Your Communication Skills

6. Providing and Seeking Validation

7. Being Honest with Yourself and Others

8. Rebuilding Trust

9. Setting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

10. Ending Relationships Appropriately

11. Building Emotional Intimacy

12. Monitoring Your Relationships and Relationship Skills