Regression Analysis for Categorical Moderators

Herman Aguinis

December 23, 2003
ISBN 9781572309692
Price: $55.00
202 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

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“A masterful presentation reflecting many years of research and study. It should prove to be valuable to any researcher who has even a basic understanding of statistical analysis.”

International Journal of Consumer Studies

“Aguinis has produced the most comprehensive single-source treatment on the topic of why and how to conduct moderated regression analysis for categorical moderators. The book presents very clear steps for how to test for moderators, but is more than a cookbook in that it also explores in detail the underlying assumptions; issues that will affect interpretation (e.g., homogeneity of variance and power); and solutions to frequently encountered problems. Examples from different types of research problems help clarify the analytical strategy, and presentation of the software for examining underlying issues is very valuable. Aguinis also provides excellent coverage of the literature surrounding the analytical strategy. This volume is an excellent reference for any researcher or student interested in studying interactions with categorical variables.”

—Sheldon Zedeck, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley

“This book presents a complete and current treatment of a topic of great importance to management and organizational studies researchers. Strengths of the book include the use of an integrative example with data that is available to readers, and the clear presentation style. The treatment of homogeneity of error variance and statistical power problems is especially impressive and provides readers with practical guidance for dealing with these issues. This book will be an excellent resource for any researcher who works with regression models.”

—Larry J. Williams, PhD, Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis, School of Business, Virginia Commonwealth University

“Aguinis has provided an extraordinarily understandable guide to conducting tests of moderation by categorical variables. The book contains clear examples for running the analyses, checking assumptions, and interpreting the results. This book is an excellent resource for courses on regression analysis at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and for individuals who need a refresher on moderator analysis.”

—Lois Tetrick, PhD, Department of Psychology, George Mason University