Psychological Approaches to Pain Management

Third Edition
A Practitioner's Handbook

Edited by Dennis C. Turk and Robert J. Gatchel

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July 3, 2018
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May 7, 2018
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I. Conceptual, Diagnostic, and Methodological Issues

1. Biopsychosocial Perspective on Chronic Pain, Dennis C. Turk & Elena S. Monarch

2. Psychological Disorders and Chronic Pain: Are There Cause-and-Effect Relationships?, Eric Salas, Nancy Kishino, Jeffrey Dersh, & Robert J. Gatchel

3. Conducting and Evaluating Treatment Outcome Studies, Amanda C. de C. Williams & Stephen Morley

II. Treatment Approaches and Methods

4. Enhancing Motivation to Change in Pain Treatment, Mark P. Jensen

5. Operant and Related Conditioning with Chronic Pain: Back to Basics, Steven H. Sanders

6. A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective on the Treatment of Individuals Experiencing Chronic Pain, Dennis C. Turk

7. Introduction to Biofeedback Training for Chronic Pain Disorders, John G. Arena & James D. Tankersley

8. Clinical Hypnosis in the Treatment of Chronic and Acute Pain, Lindsey C. McKernan, Michael R. Nash, & David R. Patterson

9. Exposure In Vivo for Pain-Related Fear, Johan W. S. Vlaeyen, Marlies den Hollander, Jeroen de Jong, & Laura Simons

10. Group Therapy for Patients with Chronic Pain, Francis J. Keefe, Pat M. Beaupre, Meredith E. Rumble, Sarah A. Kelleher, & Alyssa N. Van Denburg

11. Treating Adults with Chronic Pain and Their Families: Application of an Enhanced Cognitive-Behavioral Transactional Model, Hallie Tankha, Robert D. Kerns, & AnnMarie Cano

12. Facilitating Patient Resilience: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Acceptance, and Positive Social and Emotional Interventions, John A. Sturgeon & Beth D. Darnall

13. Integration of Pharmacotherapy with Psychological Treatment of Chronic Pain, Peter B. Polatin, Noor M. Gajraj, & Howard Cohen

14. Using Advanced Technologies to Improve Access to Treatment, to Improve Treatment, and to Directly Alter Experience, Christopher Eccleston, Abby Tabor, & Edmund Keogh

III. Specific Syndromes and Populations

15. Evaluating Patients for Neuromodulation Procedures, Daniel M. Doleys & Leanne R. Cianfrini

16. Strengthening Self-Management of Low Back Pain in Primary Care: An Evolving Paradigm, Ben H. Balderson, Sherri D. Pruitt, & Michael Von Korff

17. A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Early Interventions to Prevent Chronic Pain-Related Disability, Steven James Linton

18. Occupational Musculoskeletal Pain and Disability, Christopher T. Ray, Robert J. Gatchel, Ryan Hulla, & Ann Wright Stowell

19. Recurrent Headache Disorders, Todd A. Smitherman, Alexander J. Kuka, Dawn C. Buse, & Donald B. Penzien

20. Treatment of Patients with Fibromyalgia, Dennis C. Turk

21. Treatment of Patients with Whiplash-Associated Disorders, Michelle Sterling

22. Treatment of Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders, Angela Liegey Dougall, Lynette Watts, & Robert J. Gatchel

23. Treating the Patient with Genito-Pelvic Pain, Sophie Bergeron, Natalie O. Rosen, & Serena Corsini-Munt

24. Treating Patients with Functional Gastrointestinal Pain Disorders, Miranda A. L. van Tilburg & William E. Whitehead

25. Treating Cancer Patients with Persistent Pain, Chelsea Ratcliff & Diane Novy

26. Treating Patients with Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders, Don McGeary, Cindy McGeary, & Paul Nabity

27. Treating Patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Pain, Laurie D. Wolf & John D. Otis

28. Management of Chronic Pain in Patients with Comorbid Substance Use Disorder, Benjamin J. Morasco, Travis I. Lovejoy, & Mark A. Ilgen

29. Treating Children and Adolescents with Chronic Pain, Emma Fisher, Rachel Aaron, & Tonya M. Palermo

30. Treating Older Patients with Persistent Pain, Thomas Hadjistavropoulos