Neuropsychology in the Courtroom

Expert Analysis of Reports and Testimony

Edited by Robert L. Heilbronner

January 8, 2008
ISBN 9781593856342
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273 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

I. Case Analyses

1. Traumatic Brain Injury: Do You See What I See?, Jacobus Donders

2. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Sensitive Matter in Neuropsychological Assessment, Michael McCrea

3. Cents and Scentability: A Disability Claim Due to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Howard Oakes

4. Noncredible Competence: How to Handle "Newbies," "Wannabes," and Forensic "Experts" Who Know Better or Should Know Better, Joel E. Morgan

5. Maturation into Impairment: The Merit of Delayed Settlement in Pediatric Forensic Neuropsychology Cases, Ida Sue Baron

6. Electrical Brain Injury and a Case of Examiner Shock, Shane S. Bush

7. A Second Look at Pain and Concussion, Kevin W. Greve

II. Forensic Case Analysis from Opposing Perspectives

8. Mild Head Injury Case from a Treating Neuropsychologist

9. Plaintiff Expert’s Analysis of the Case, Wilfred G. van Gorp

10. Defense Expert’s Analysis of the Case, Wiley Mittenberg

III. Special Topics

11. Anoxic Brain Injury: Daubert Challenge, Fixed versus Flexible Battery, Erin D. Bigler

12. A Pediatric Neuropsychologist's Lessons from "Independent Educational Evaluations": Respect Parents, Listen to Teachers, Do Your Homework, but Think for Yourself, Karen Wills

13. Through the Looking Glass: Commentary on Neuropsychological Testimony, David S. Bush

14. Generating Questions for Cross-Examining a Neuropsychologist: A Defense Consultant's Perspective, Robert L. Heilbronner

15. Misdiagnosis of Cognitive Impairment in Forensic Neuropsychology, Grant L. Iverson, Brian L. Brooks, and James A. Holdnack