Neuropsychological Interviewing of Adults

Edited by Yana Suchy
With Justin B. Miller

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April 10, 2023
ISBN 9781462551804
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292 Pages
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March 22, 2023
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292 Pages
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1. The Why, What, and How of Neuropsychological Interviewing, Yana Suchy & Justin B. Miller sample

2. Capacity Evaluations in Clinical Settings, George J. Demakis

3. Acquired Brain Injury, Leslie M. Guidotti Breting & Jerry J. Sweet

4. Concussion and Repetitive Head Impact Exposure in Adult Athletes, William B. Barr

5. Dementias of Old Age, Justin B. Miller & Yana Suchy

6. Primary Progressive Aphasia, Tatiana Karpouzian-Rogers & Sandra Weintraub

7. Movement Disorders Clinic, Ashley K. Miller & Cynthia Kubu

8. Cerebrovascular Accident, Kathleen Y. Haaland & Danielle C. Hergert

9. Multiple Sclerosis, Natalie A. Emmert & Ralph H. B. Benedict

10. Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders, Cady Block & David W. Loring

11. Neuro-oncology, Lauren B. Bolden & Michael W. Parsons

12. Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Adults, Robert L. Mapou

13. Alcohol and Other Substance Use, Rosemary Fama, Stephanie A. Sassoon, Linda D. Fama, & Edith V. Sullivan

14. Information Gathering in the Context of Infectious Disease, Steven Paul Woods, Jennifer L. Thompson, & Michelle A. Babicz

15. Military Neuropsychology, Patrick Armistead-Jehle, Robert D. Shura, Robert A. Seegmiller, & Douglas B. Cooper

16. Inpatient Psychiatry, Bernice A. Marcopulos & Beth C. Arredondo

17. Inpatient Rehabilitation, Kirk J. Stucky & Lauren M. Golla