Neuropsychological Assessment of Work-Related Injuries

Edited by Shane S. Bush and Grant L. Iverson

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December 23, 2011
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Introduction, Shane S. Bush and Grant L. Iverson

I. Work-Related Injuries

1. Traumatic Brain Injury in the Workplace, Grant L. Iverson and Rael T. Lange

2. Assessment of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in the Professional Athlete, Mark R. Lovell

3. Electrical Injury in the Workplace, Joseph W. Fink, Lauren Rog, Shane S. Bush, and Neil H. Pliskin

4. Neurotoxic Exposure Injuries in the Workplace, Robert J. McCaffrey and Andrea S. Miele

5. Neuropsychological Consequences of Injury in Military Personnel, Louis M. French, Grant L. Iverson, Rael T. Lange and Richard A. Bryant

II. Mental Health and Chronic Pain

6. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in the Workplace, Gerald M. Rosen and Brad K. Grunert

7. Depression in the Context of Workplace Injury, Kyle E. Ferguson, Grant L. Iverson, Scott A. Langenecker, and Allan H. Young

8. Neuropsychological Aspects of Chronic Pain, Lance M. McCracken and Miles Thompson

III. Professional Practice Issues

9. Neuropsychological Evaluation and Treatment: The Clinician’s Perspective, Greg J. Lamberty

10. The Neuropsychological IME, Shane S. Bush and Robert L. Heilbronner

11. Neuropsychological Assessment and Consultation in Forensic Practice: A Practical Approach to Work-Related Injuries, Robert L. Heilbronner and George K. Henry

12. The Behavioral Health Provider as a Participant in the Disability Determination Process: Evaluations, Terminology, and Systems, David W. Lovejoy and Howard J. Oakes

13. Applying Neuropsychology in Vocational Rehabilitation Intervention: Issues in Work Access and Work Return, Robert Fraser, David Strand, Erica Johnson, and Curt Johnson

14. Evidence-Based Neuropsychological Assessment Following Work-Related Injury, Grant L. Iverson, Brian L. Brooks, and James A. Holdnack