Mindfulness for Adult ADHD

A Clinician's Guide

Lidia Zylowska and John T. Mitchell
Foreword by Russell A. Barkley

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December 14, 2020
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December 14, 2020
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Foreword, Russell A. Barkley

I. Overview: Knowing the “Why” before the “What”

1. Introduction sample

2. Conceptual and Research Review

3. Teaching Considerations: Common Questions and Answers

4. ADHD Psychoeducation

II. MAPs for ADHD 8-Week Program: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

- Session 1. Introduction to ADHD and Mindfulness: Reframing of ADHD

- Session 2. Mindful Awareness of ADHD Patterns: “What Is My ADHD Like?”

- Session 3. Mindful Awareness of Sound, Breath, and Body

- Session 4. Mindful Awareness of Body Sensations

- Session 5. Mindful Awareness of Thoughts

- Session 6. Mindful Awareness of Emotions

- Session 7. Mindful Awareness of Presence and Interactions

- Session 8. Mindful Awareness as a Life Journey

III. Beyond Initial MAPs for ADHD: The End May Be Just the Beginning

5. Considerations of Next Steps

Appendix: Session Summaries and Session Handouts