Manufacturing Time

Global Competition in the Watch Industry, 1795-2000

Amy K. Glasmeier

August 10, 2000
ISBN 9781572305892
Price: $65.00
311 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

1. From Keeping Time to Keeping Pace

2. The Need for and Constraints on Change

3. The Organizational Development of the World Watch Industry

4. The Burden of Being First: Britain's Ascent and Decline as the Dominant Watch Manufacturing Region

5. Why Switzerland? The Rise of the Jura System of Watch Manufacturing

6. The American System of Watch Manufacturing

7. More Than One Way to Win a War

8. An Unexpected Competitor

9. Only the Young Survive: The American Watch Industry between the World Wars and after World War II

10. Going Electronic, Moving to Hong Kong

11. Can One Man Save an Industry?

12. Success Goes to the Nimble, Regardless of Size