Making Room for the Disavowed

Reclaiming the Self in Psychotherapy

Paul L. Wachtel

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September 5, 2023
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I. Introduction

1. Making Room for Thoughts and Feelings: Attachment, Self-Acceptance, and Emotional Immediacy sample

2. Silos, Stereotypes, and the Evolutionary Links between Diverse and Competing Approaches

3. What Is the Appropriate Evidence Base for Responsible Clinical Practice?

II. Beyond Pathologizing: The Dialectics of Acceptance and Change

4. From Interpreting Wishes and Feelings to Making Room for Them: The Problem with Uncovering “the Truth”

5. The Roots of Pathologizing and Accusatory Interpretations

6. Anxiety, Exposure, and the Path to Self-Acceptance

7. Making Room in CBT: From Beck and Ellis to the Dialectics of Acceptance and Change

III. Attachment and the Lifelong Dynamics of Development

8. Self-Acceptance and Self-Rejection: The Critical Impact of Attachment

9. Working in the Present on the Consequences of the Past

IV. Living-in-the-World

10. Experiencing, Emotional Immediacy, and Self-in-Action

11. Living in Contexts: From the Relational Matrix to the Impact of Culture and Society

12. The Many Faces of Psychotherapy