Living Well with Bipolar Disorder

Practical Strategies for Improving Your Daily Life

David J. Miklowitz

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September 16, 2024
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September 16, 2024
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Introduction: Getting to Know Yourself through Mood Charting

I. Psychological Challenges: Being Your Own Ally

1. Depression: Prevention and Coping Strategies

2. Mania: Minimizing Severity and Reducing Frequency

3. Coping with Anxiety and Worry

4. Dealing with Irritability and Anger

5. Protecting Yourself from Suicidality and Self-Harm

II. Domains of Life: Managing Daily Routines and Stress

6. Strategies for Healthy Sleep

7. Effective Communication with Family Members

8. Thriving with a Partner: Dating, Sex, and Long-Term Relationships

9. Making the Best Use of Your Skills at Work and School

10. Staying Healthy: Physical Activity

11. Staying Healthy: Eating and Nutrition

12. Managing Alcohol and Substance Use

III. Your Treatments: Making the Most of Medications and Therapy

13. Taking Charge of Your Medications

14. Psychosocial Treatment: Living Well while Maintaining Mood Stability