Implementing Classwide PBIS

A Guide to Supporting Teachers

Diane Myers, Brandi Simonsen, and Jennifer Freeman
Foreword by George Sugai

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August 13, 2020
ISBN 9781462543328
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June 25, 2020
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
“Among the many books on classroom behavior management, what distinguishes this one is the array of practical, useful strategies that it provides for supporting classroom teachers—as well as the way these practices are situated in a multi-tiered framework. The examples are presented in a manner that facilitates understanding and application within the daily ebb and flow of school and classroom settings. The book is evidence based, user friendly, and will help to support the daily practice of both new and veteran educators.”

—Tim Knoster, EdD, EdS, Professor of Special Education and Executive Director, McDowell Institute, Bloomsburg University

“Schools with strong classroom management practices are likely to be schools whose teachers are effectively trained and continuously supported. This book meets the need in the field for a resource for trainers. Myers, Simonsen, and Freeman thread sound behavioral theory with practical strategies that can be adopted in any school. The focus on coaching will help ensure that teachers trained in CWPBIS get the assistance needed to apply what they have learned. Another important emphasis is the use of data to assess the fidelity and impact of implementation. Throughout, the book has a clear message that any functional classroom management effort should be connected to strong academic instruction. Good teaching remains among the most powerful classroom management strategies ever documented.”

—Robert H. Horner, PhD, Special Education Program (Emeritus), University of Oregon

“This is the rare book that everyone who trains teachers in classroom management should have continuously open on their desks. The step-by-step logic combined with clear descriptions and examples make for an easy read. I wish I had received this kind of training in CWPBIS when I was a teacher of students with behavioral disorders. Educators at any grade level would benefit from the training and coaching model presented in this book.”

—Terrance M. Scott, PhD, Professor and Distinguished University Scholar, Department of Special Education, University of Louisville

“This book is an essential resource that provides critical information on CWPBIS practices and the research-based framework that informs them. It focuses on developing structures that support educators who are working to create a more positive and effective classroom climate. Teachers will undoubtedly benefit from professional development that helps them promote prosocial behaviors and engineer the classroom environment for success.”

—Steve Goodman, PhD, Director, Michigan's MTSS Technical Assistance Center