Human Behavior, Learning, and the Developing Brain

Atypical Development

Edited by Donna Coch, Geraldine Dawson, and Kurt W. Fischer

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February 1, 2007
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1. A Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Approach to the Study of Atypical Development: A Model System Involving Infants of Diabetic Mothers, Charles A. Nelson

2. Development of Social Brain Circuitry in Autism, Geraldine Dawson and Raphael Bernier

3. Brain Mechanisms Underlying Social Perception Deficits in Autism, Kevin A. Pelphrey and Elizabeth J. Carter

4. Williams Syndrome: A Model Developmental Syndrome for Exploring Brain–Behavior Relationships, Helen Tager-Flusberg and Daniela Plesa Skwerer

5. Triangulating Developmental Dyslexia: Behavior, Brain, and Genes, Elena L. Grigorenko

6. Typical Reading Development and Developmental Dyslexia across Languages, Usha Goswami

7. Neurocognitive Correlates of Developmental Verbal and Orofacial Dyspraxia, Frederique Liegeois, Angela Morgan, and Faraneh Vargha-Khadem

8. Relation between Early Measures of Brain Responses to Language Stimuli and Childhood Performance on Language and Language-Related Tasks, Dennis L. Molfese, Victoria J. Molfese, and Peter J. Molfese

9. Number Sense and Developmental Dyscalculia, Anna J. Wilson and Stanislas Dehaene

10. Central Nervous System Substrates of Impulsivity: Implications for the Development of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Conduct Disorder, Lisa M. Gatzke-Kopp and Theodore P. Beauchaine

11. Social Regulation of the Adrenocortical Response to Stress in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Implications for Psychopathology and Education, Emma K. Adam, Bonnie Klimes-Dougan, and Megan R. Gunnar

12. Child Maltreatment and the Development of Alternate Pathways in Biology and Behavior, Catherine C. Ayoub and Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann

13. Corticolimbic Circuitry and Psychopathology: Development of the Corticolimbic System, Francine M. Benes