Holistic Neurorehabilitation

Interventions to Support Functional Skills after Acquired Brain Injury

Pamela S. Klonoff

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February 27, 2024
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I. Introduction to Neurorehabilitation

1. The Evolution of Fundamental Concepts of Post-Acute Neurorehabilitation: Historical and Current Considerations

2. How to Construct Quality Neurorehabilitation in the Hospital and Community Settings, with Christopher St. Clair, Robert Spetzler, & Thomas Bour

II. Clinical Approaches and Techniques

3. Techniques to Address Cognitive Skills, with Heather Caples

4. Techniques to Address Communication Pragmatic Skills and Emotions, with Erika Ehlert & Padmaja Bollam

5. Treatment Groups for Functional Skills, with Jennifer Hunsaker, Patricia Briody, & Erika Ehlert sample

6. Technological Advances in Post-Acute Neurorehabilitation, with Maura Eileen Rhodes & Samuel Schaffer

III. Transfer of Skills

7. Transfer of Skills to the Home, Community, and Work, with Heather Caples, Lori Lindman, Maura Eileen Rhodes, Jennifer Hunsaker, & Erika Ehlert

8. Post-Acute Neurorehabilitation for Socialization, Quality of Life, and School Re-Entry, with Alicia Blank, Meghan Grange, & Amy Helmuth

9. Holistic Interventions for Families and Tiers of Support and Aftercare, with Edward Koberstein & Sarah Rajda