Helping Schoolchildren Cope with Anger

Second Edition
A Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention

Jim Larson and John E. Lochman
Foreword by Donald Meichenbaum

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October 19, 2010
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March 1, 2011
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“The book covers everything a school practitioner needs to consider when offering an anger management program.”

Virginia Child Protection Newsletter

“The book is aimed at those working with eight-to-twelve-year-olds and it uses a group approach which is practitioner friendly. More specifically, the authors are writing for psychologists, counsellors, and other professionals working in schools or school-like settings....The reader is given clear guidance on screening and identification techniques in a step by step method, supplemented with reproducible forms and suggested practitioner scripts.”

SEN (Special Education Needs) Magazine

“Larson and Lochman...have restructured this edition so it is more practitioner-friendly. It includes chapters on integrating the programme with other school-wide responses to interventions and positive behavioral supports; adding more detail on working with girls and culturally diverse students and working with individuals. This edition also offers a manualised approach and templates for monitoring change and outcomes....There is great potential here for schools, and to that extent anyone working in a residential setting in the UK, to extrapolate the learning from the programme and consider how it might be adapted. Of course, it will resonate with those schools who already have a whole-school approach through Targeted Mental Health in Schools, but it then builds a response programme to children who have particular problems with self-regulation and anger.”

Young Minds Magazine

“Larson and Lochman are true scientist-practitioners who have produced an exceptional resource for school- and community-based clinicians. This revised second edition provides a useful update of aggression prevention research and shows how the Anger Coping Program aligns with current models of school-based practice. The session-by-session format is very user friendly. As someone who has worked with this intervention for over 15 years, I highly recommend this book.”

—Colleen Cicchetti, PhD, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University

“I have used the Anger Coping Program for many years and have trained hundreds of school psychologists and school counselors in its use. This highly effective program is now even more valuable with the addition of chapters specifically addressing considerations when treating girls and implementation with individuals. Another new chapter shows how the program is a perfect tool to use within an RTI framework.”

—Judith A. McBride, PhD, consultant, Long Beach Unified School District, California

“This is a comprehensive resource for school psychologists, counselors, and others who are working with aggressive and behaviorally challenging students. Practitioners get everything needed to implement the authors' approach, including appropriate background research. The Anger Coping Program provides essential positive behavioral support to students who need it—and it gives school personnel valuable tools for dealing with some of the most difficult challenges they face.”

—Beth Herman-Ukasick, MSE, school psychologist, Violence Prevention Program, Milwaukee Public Schools