Help for Worried Kids

How Your Child Can Conquer Anxiety and Fear

Cynthia G. Last

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November 11, 2005
ISBN 9781572308589
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275 Pages
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March 1, 2011
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“This is a great resource book for parents, of this age group, and practitioners to use when working together. It is written in a friendly, clear, concise, factual manner. The checklists provide clearly categorized symptoms and strategies laid out in a way that promotes understanding and respect for the anxious child within the context of child development....I highly recommend this book as a gift for parents of an anxious child or as a working tool for educators, consultants, and mental health practitioners.”

Child and Family Journal


Library Journal

“Offers parents 'hands-on' information....There is valuable material on the connection between anxiety and physical symptoms, such as headaches and stomach problems....Concerned parents will find plenty of useful advice here for quelling their children's fears.”

Publishers Weekly

“If your child's worrying is interfering with his or her life, then you should read this book. It is an authoritative guide to current knowledge on childhood anxiety disorders, written in a clear, engaging style. To develop more courage, your child needs to learn how to cope with anxiety. This book shows what you can do to help.”

—Professor Alan Carr, PhD, Director of Clinical Psychology Training, University College Dublin, Ireland

“Help for Worried Kids can help you determine if your child’s anxiety goes beyond the realm of 'normal,' and offers specific, clearly explained steps that you, as a parent, can take to help your child.”

—Elizabeth Skagen, parent of an 8-year-old with anxiety disorders

“From a renowned, experienced clinical researcher and therapist, this extremely useful book will be helpful not only to parents of anxious kids, but also to teachers and health professionals. Dr. Last provides very detailed, carefully worked-out guidelines on how to understand and deal with different types of childhood anxiety problems. Filled with practical suggestions, this is an outstanding resource that is both informative and highly readable.”

—Paul M. G. Emmelkamp, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Dr. Last has made a much-needed contribution to the growing field of childhood anxiety disorders. Based on her years of extensive research and clinical work, she shares her in-depth understanding of this population in an easy-to-read, conversational style. Dr. Last does an extraordinary job of illustrating the various presentations of anxiety in children, explaining the treatment process, and offering parenting advice specifically tailored for each anxiety disorder. This instructive book will be a valuable asset to parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and others who wish to gain a better understanding of anxiety in children.”

—Ana Kelton-Brand, PhD, private practice, Boca Raton, Florida

“Is your child anxious? Is the problem severe enough to need treatment, or just a passing phase? Dr. Cynthia Last, a master child therapist and a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood anxiety, helps you answer these questions in this valuable book. Dr. Last also provides state-of-the-art strategies for helping your child conquer his or her anxiety and fear before it takes a larger toll. Every parent will want to be aware of this information.”

—David H. Barlow, PhD, Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders and Department of Psychology, Boston University