Has Your Child Been Traumatized?

How to Know and What to Do to Promote Healing and Recovery

Melissa Goldberg Mintz
Foreword by Jon G. Allen

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August 19, 2022
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Melissa Goldberg Mintz shares three expert tips to help your child cope with trauma triggers.Three Expert Tips to Help Your Child Cope with Trauma Triggers

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Foreword, Jon G. Allen


I. Understanding Trauma

1. What Is Trauma?

2. Has Your Child Been Traumatized?

3. You Are the Key to Helping Your Child Heal sample

II. Knowing What to Expect

4. Understanding Changes in Your Child’s Behavior

5. Recognizing and Responding to Trauma Triggers

III. Responding to Behavioral Changes

6. What to Do When Your Child Becomes More Emotional and Less Mature

7. How to Respond to Minor Misbehavior

8. Handling Withdrawal and Avoidance

9. Dealing with Major Misbehavior

10. Responding to Self-Harm and Impulsive Behaviors

IV. Parenting Plus

11. Seeking Professional Help

12. Looking Ahead