Handbook of Self-Regulation

Third Edition
Research, Theory, and Applications

Edited by Kathleen D. Vohs and Roy F. Baumeister

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July 1, 2016
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I. Basic Regulatory Processes

1. Self-Regulation of Action and Affect, Charles S. Carver & Michael F. Scheier

2. The Self-Regulation of Emotion: Theoretical and Empirical Advances, Sander L. Koole & Amelia Aldao

3. Self-Control and Ego Depletion, Heather M.Maranges & Roy F. Baumeister

4. Self-Regulation of Implicit Social Cognition, Andrew M. Rivers, Jimmy Calanchini, & Jeffrey W. Sherman

5. Desire and Self-Regulation, Wilhelm Hofmann & Kathleen D. Vohs

6. The Role of Habits in Self-Control, Wendy Wood

II. Cognitive, Physiological, and Neurological Dimensions of Self-Regulation

7. The Cognitive Neuroscience of Self-Regulatory Failure, Dylan D. Wagner & Todd F. Heatherton

8. Pause and Plan: The Physiology of Self-Regulation, Suzanne C. Segerstrom, Ian A. Boggero, & Daniel R. Evans

9. Consensus versus Anarchy in the Senate of the Mind: On the Roles of High Level versus Low Level Construal in Self-Control, Jessica J. Carnevale & Kentaro Fujita

10. Beyond Limited Resources: Self-Control Failure as the Product of Shifting Priorities, Michael Inzlicht & Brandon J. Schmeichel

11. The Essential Role of Sleep in Self-Regulation, Zlatan Krizan & Garret Hisler

12. Automatic Self-Regulation: From Habit to Goal Pursuit, Esther K. Papies & Henk Aarts

13. Planning Promotes Goal Striving, Peter M. Gollwitzer & Gabrielle Oettingen

III. Social, Organizational, and Cultural Dimensions of Self-Regulation

14. Trust and the Perception of Self-Control: Knowing When to Trust Others, Catrin Finkenauer & Francesca Righetti

15. Self-Regulation as a Transactive Process: Reconceptualizing the Unit of Analysis for Goal Setting, Pursuit, and Outcomes, Eli J. Finkel, Gráinne M. Fitzsimons, & Michelle R. vanDellen

16. Regulation Processes in Romantic Relationships, Jeffry A. Simpson, Nickola C. Overall, Allison K. Farrell, & Yuthika U. Girme

17. Religion and Self-Regulation: Integrating Skills-Based and Motivation-Based Accounts, Kristin Laurin & Aaron C. Kay

18. Focusing in on the Emotion Laborer: Emotion Regulation at Work, Drew B. Mallory & Deborah E. Rupp

IV. Personality and Self-Regulation

19. Impulsivity as a Personality Trait, Colin G. DeYoung & Amanda R. Rueter

20. The Emerging Field of Positive Emotion Dysregulation, Alta du Pont, Keith Welker, Kirsten E. Gilbert, & June Gruber

21. Grit: Sustained Self-Regulation in the Service of Superordinate Goals, Lauren Eskreis-Winkler, James J. Gross, & Angela L. Duckworth

22. Varieties of Self-Control and Their Personality Correlates, Rick H. Hoyle & Erin K. Davisson

V. Development and Self-Regulation

23. The Development of Executive Functions and Self-Regulation: A Bidirectional Psychobiological Model, Clancy Blair

24. Self-Regulation Training, Elliot T. Berkman

25. Effortful Control: Relations with Emotion Regulation, Adjustment, and Socialization in Childhood, Nancy Eisenberg, Cynthia L. Smith, & Tracy L. Spinrad

26. Aging and Self-Regulation, William von Hippel & Julie D. Henry

VI. Self-Regulation Challenges

27. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Self-Regulation: Taking an Evolutionary Perspective on Executive Functioning, Russell A. Barkley

28. Self-Control and Crime: Theory, Research, and Remaining Puzzles, Michael Rocque, Chad Posick, & Alex R. Piquero

29. Deciding to Curtail Persistence, Joseph T. McGuire & Joseph W. Kable

30. Problems with Positive Thinking and How to Overcome Them, Gabriele Oettingen & Julie Y. A. Cachia

31. Self-Regulatory Failure and Addiction, Michael A. Sayette & Kasey G. Creswell

32. The Role of Self-Regulation in Financial Well-Being, Poornima Vinoo, Kim Ly, & Dilip Soman

Supplemental E-book Featuring Selected Chapters from the Second Edition:

*Self-Efficacy Beliefs and the Architecture of Personality: On Knowledge, Appraisal, and Self-Regulation, Daniel Cervone, Nilly Mor, Heather Orom, William G. Shadel, & Walter D. Scott

*Promotion and Prevention Systems: Regulatory Focus Dynamics within Self-Regulatory Hierarchies, Abigail A. Scholer & E. Tory Higgins